I've been in the computer industry since 1988 and a software consultant since 1996. I've been lucky enough to consult to some pretty recognizable companies: Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, EDS, Cardinal Health, Blue Shield, Asia Brown Boveri, Z├╝rcher Kantonal Bank, and a smattering of lesser known companies as well. Suffice it to say I've seen my share of software projects succeed and fail.

C6 Software opened for business in March of 2001 with the goal of providing custom software solutions to a wide range of enterprise clients. Despite the tech slowdown I've been so busy that I am only now taking on the challenge of my own company's web site. I suppose I should be embarrassed about that but I'm not. I'd rather be employed with no web site than the reverse.

So what's with the odd name? Why C6? The chemistry nuts out there will solve it easily. With that hint I leave it to the rest of you as an exercise of the grey matter between your ears.

This site is a work in progress that will get updates across the sections as I have time to do so. Please feel free to look around.