Do you have a web site? Do you display small images that represent larger ones such as "thumbnails"? Or do you need to dynamically move or resize images on the page? Then you need PopBox! With only a few simple modifications to your web page your thumbnail images will be "popping" out of the screen when visitors click on them instead of reloading a time-consuming second page.

It's free! So check out the product page now!

PopBox is an image magnification javascript solution for dynamically resizing your images on your web page. Hover over the images on the right to see what I mean, then click on an image to go to its product page! PopBox product page link
The Visual SourceSafe Password Recovery Tool is just what you need when the person who holds the administrator password to your VSS installation leaves the team. Want to add users or change permissions for users? You need to be an administrator in VSS, and this simple tool can give it to you. And it's free too! Visual SourceSafe Password Recovery Tool link
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